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It’s a bit of a sombre day

This one is particularly poignant.

I used to sing Christmas carols with childhood friends around the neighbourhood, so this video made my heart ache a little. If you can’t see it, you can view it on YouTube. (For those who don’t understand Tagalog, the English part of the medley starts at 1:38.)

PINOYexpats archive

I’ve just discovered that one of the PINOYexpats contributors has made an archive of old posts available. ¬†You can find it here. The formatting isn’t always pretty, but it’s the content that counts.

This means that I can now post two of the articles I had considered lost. Watch this space.

RJ Rosales: Tributes

If you would like to add a tribute to RJ or send words of comfort to his family, you may do so here:

RJ Rosales (1974 -- 2011)

RJ Rosales
24 March 1974 — 5 December 2011

The funeral service starts at 10.30am on Saturday, December 10 at Blessed John XXIII Catholic Church, Stanhope Gardens. Interment will follow at Pinegrove Cemetery, Michinbury. Click on the link above for more details.

Kill a fairy

Every Time You Click This Link A Fairy Dies by Rob Clark (via Flickr)Many of my bookish friends have heard my stance on reading the back of the book first. On Twitter, people replied to me with such shock that we created a hashtag to refer to peeking at a book’s ending: #killafairy or #afairydies.

After talking about it for so long, I’ve finally gone and set up a spoiler website for people who want to look up how a book ends: It will be a collaborative blog with a few other readers who like to kill fairies.

We haven’t publicised the site much because we’re still building up the titles listed, but if you’re a fairy killer, too, you might want to have a peek. And if you do, I’m happy to hear suggestions and comments!