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Why Mum is still the best cook in the world

I wrote this for PINOYexpats, but this article was also the starting point for a similar piece that I submitted to the Australian Filipina magazine.

My extended family has produced some excellent cooks and my mum is one of the best. I, on the other hand, avoided the kitchen for as long as I could.

Cooking seemed to me a messy, laborious and thankless chore. When I moved out to an apartment with a brand new kitchen still gleaming in its stainless steel glory, I vowed to turn over a new leaf. Who better to experiment with than my new husband, who promised to do the washing up? Continue reading

Wedding cake made my Mum - katmayo.com.au

Reminiscing: our wedding cake

Because I like to show off my Mum’s cakes. Many years ago, she made this for us.

Wedding cake made my Mum - katmayo.com.au

Photography by Alan Khan (click to enlarge)

Also, my debut cake had stairs.

And did I mention it’s chocolate cake inside?

Pate, bread and olives at The Wharf Restaurant, 2006

Lunch at The Wharf

This review was based on the Let’s Do Lunch meal during the Good Food Month in October 2007.

Let's Do Lunch 2006, The Wharf Restaurant

Let's Do Lunch 2006, The Wharf Restaurant

The lure of a cheap lunch found me sneaking out of work, to meet a friend for some alfresco indulgence at The Wharf Restaurant in Pier 4, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay.

We started with chicken liver paté with caper berries and balsamic dressing. The serving was huge, making for a leisurely lunch, as we sipped our complimentary red wine to keep the chill at bay. Continue reading

Faking it in the kitchen

This was my first article to appear in a print magazine, my first column piece and the first writing gig that I was actually paid for.

In my family, cooking is a tradition. Everyone has a signature dish. My specialty was burning food. Once, I forgot I was boiling water and scorched the saucepan.

I married a man who wouldn’t know a tong from a tweezer. ‘You’ll make a great cook,’ he encouraged. The words of a desperate man. I hoped the honeymoon would last long enough to survive my first meal. I was counting on love to keep us alive should dinner explode. Continue reading

Bowl of rice - Photo by kittenpuff via morgueFile

Developing an Aussie tastebud

Food is one of the cornerstones of Filipino culture.  Imagine the shock of Vegemite on toast.

Think of quintessential Pinoy cuisine and an entire feast comes to mind.  We have pancít palabok, adobo, sinigáng and, for dessert, ube, kutsintâ, and bibingka.  And that’s just for starters. When I think of quintessential Aussie food, I think of … well, Vegemite and Tim Tams.

Vegemite is a national icon.  Trust the unofficial Aussie national food to be made from by-products of beer manufacturing.  Continue reading