Enrol to vote now 2010

Enrol to vote

Enrol to vote now 2010We’re having an election in August. Don’t waive your right to vote!

For most voters, the key dates for this year’s elections are:

Deadline to enrol to vote: 8pm on Monday, July 19
Deadline to update your electoral roll details (Close of rolls): 8pm on Thursday, July 22
Election day: Saturday, August 21

The deadline is tight, but enrolling is easy. All you have to do is complete the form online and return it to an AEC office in person, by fax or by email. The Australian Electoral Commission’s website also has a list of frequently asked questions about enrolling to vote.

If you have travel plans and won’t be in Australia for the elections or if you’ll be away from your electorate, you should fill in a postal vote form (PDF).

I firmly believe that voting is a right and a civic duty, and I urge you to make your vote count.

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