Reminiscing: My epic debut

Mum made this cake, including all the edible decorations. Some parts were chocolate, and some parts were mocha chiffon cake.

18th birthday cake made my Mum -

I had a cotillion and we learned 5 different dances. This guy was my escort. I received 18 roses from 18 men/boys. I received 18 birthday wishes before I blew out the candles on the cake (see if you can spot them). At the bottom of the cake, just above the skirt, are ribbons attached to little fortunes that my gal pals were invited to pull out. I still have this outfit, although it’s been many years since I fit into it. My grandparents were still alive, and this was one of the last times I had with all four of them together. One of my lolos passed away that same year.

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