An official welcome to Words by Kat

Hi, everyone!

If you were subscribed to the feed for my personal blog, you should—I hope!— have noticed that your feeds now point to this blog as promised. Yay for technology!

I’m no longer using Feedblitz to deliver updates via email. If you’d like to get my latest articles via email, please click on the email icon at the top right hand corner of this page. (It’s the bright pink icon of an envelope.) Or you can visit the About page and enter your email address in the subscription form.

Please bear with me as I post my previously published articles over the next few weeks. Before I do that, however, my next post will be a bit of bonus because it’s an unpublished review of Her Son, Jose Rizal—a community theatre performance I saw last month. After that I’ll post previously published work in order of first publication. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks again for following me over to my new online space!

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